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timing chain install question


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INDY I think he's changing the chain and won't need the wedge.


Yes you can do this without removing the oil pan but you will have to remove the front pan bolts and a couple down each side. Maybe loosen a couple more to allow the timing chain cover to slide forward and off.


You will have to remove the water pump, the distributor and the oil pump to get the timing cover off.


There are also 2 small 10mm bolts on the front bottom of the head and one on each side that have to be removed and the crank pulley. Aside from that, two rad hoses, a heater hose and some fuel lines.



Be sure to loosen (just loosen!) the crank pulley and the cam sprocket bolts first, then sets the motor on TDC. This will allow you to quickly time the cam when assembling.

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