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feeler trade rotary 510 for 4x4 camper van

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howdy ratsun. tastes & times are a changin, and im thinking about selling/trading my '71 510 for a 4x4 camper van. would love a vancharger or 60-70s econoline quadravan. basically- just need a box to carry mopeds, motorcycles and bikes. also -needs to sleep at least 2 ;) no rush, just putting the vibe out.


ive owned my 510 for about 2.5 years, and done a full engine, tranny and fuel system rebuild. the interior is fairly stripped out, but i have the original back seat and real nice sparcos up front. engine is a professionally swapped &ported mazda 13b. big streetport, 79cosmos exhaust housings mated to 85 rx7 rotor housings, fresh apex seals, rebuilt tranns with new and tight synchros, fresh ujoints on the driveshaft and rear stub axles, dellorto sidedraught carb and racing beat headers. The rad was flushed out, custom canadian engine mount, and 1/4" aluminum bash guard for the intercooler and oil pan, almost all of the front bushings with poly. super nice 20 gallon fuel cell install, recessed into the spare tire well. body is straight with little rust. front passenger quarterpanel was damaged by previous owner. car was originally yellow, previous owner hit it with the rustoleum black. about 2200 miles on the swap. longest trip was santa clarita to long beach doing 80+ the whole way. was sweet.


car is guarded by the spirit of nana flores-diaz. she will not let you down. i believe that her spirit is included with the sale of the vehicle, not sure, no guarantees, but probably.


open to cash offers, will post more pics if it stops raining. current CA blue plates and reg.

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Pugs are rad bikes. Tempermental, but fast as hell. My buddy (on here) Ichorid has a badass103 that was built by christophe (tomahawk tuning).super fun bike. Best of luck with your build. What's the tentative Rally dates for blood drive? Haven't seen it posted on MA.


still looking for a camper trade, kinda

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Look at the post dates please ;) Two years old and in the "for sale" section, you might want to ask this question else where in the forum



Trying to reach the original thread creator. He obviously was successfull and has great knowledge of quality people. It is a specific request. If he ( thread creator) no longer comes here, too bad for me.

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