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need help jetting 40 webers on L18 stock

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Well, here's that info for Mikunis, you find something like this for the Webers (and I'm sure it's somewhere) and you're set.



Entire booklet, and other info:




Good luck with the setup, also, as we all say: pics of ban.


Also, there's a thread called "Read Before Posting in "How-To". You should read it before posting in How-To, it's like four lines of writing. Not to be a dick, but it's right there.

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yea i put them onand they ran i put the timing at 15 degrees but i still have the stock vacuum advanced on the distributor can i hook that directly to the intake. my main question for the webers r what venturies should i use and emulsion tubes and air thanks

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on sidedrafts the vaccum adv coemes off the carb NOT the manifold!!!!!!!!Never hook it up to the manifold.


OK if your carb does not have a vac port them adjust the dist to around 12-15 or what ever you can get to make it run good.


if car runs ok I would not worry about it cause if you want truely perfect this can cost you alot and still might not be right. just be glade you have 40s as I think they are perfect for the street.

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He had his webers adjusted by a GURU.

He spend 700$ and he said there was still a slight hesitation.

Proplem was he order parts jets then it wasnt right then order more then each time .

Not like the guy shad the whole assoremtn of jets to pick from.


The old Mikuni book gave a best guess statring point. Ussaully enough to drive around.


My mikuni 40 were based for a stock motor. Latter put a bigger cam on and match port it. I still run the same jets I cant tell if it can be jetted better or not.

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