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My Swiss 1972 S30 240Z rebuild project

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Anyone know if there is a registry like that in the states? Id like to have some info on my z...



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thanks at all for you're comments and feedback. good to know other ones support my project :)


well i know you're all begging for some uptades on the car, but still need to do a lot of other things.


today i was at IKEA and bought a load of shelves and boxes.



and i put the car back on the wheels so as soon as the other car is out i can move it into it's new position and prepare my garage to continue work :)


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Here we go :) yesterday i managed to move my other ride (with summer-tires) into it's new location just minutes before snow started to fall again. phuh - that's what i call luck :)

No my garage has twice the space for only one car - great :D



and then i started to build up the Ikea shelves :)



and that's how it looks now - much better space for storing all parts. maybe i'll add another element on the left side but we'll see. I'll also move in an old desk today or next few days.

Car will come up on jacks again soon and then the project itself will contiune :)


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ok, so after a long time doing a lot of other stuff and almost completed my garage i decided it's time to get some stuff done before a new year starts and im pretty happy with today's progress :)


first i got the car back on jacks:



then i removed the door step on the drivers side. i wasn't able to open the door enough earlier to get that done before..



next i decided to start with the body-removal, so i started with the trunk first - was a real heavyweight :)



and then i removed those hatch-locks on the side:



and the sealing rubbers:



and then the aerial antenna:



looked like this then:



next step was to remove the doors, first drivers side:



and the result:



then co-drivers side and sealings:



a little through-shot:



and that's how she looked in the end:





next steps will be hood, door locks, fenders and small side windows :)

happy new year to you all - hope 2011 will bring you all good success with your cars and in your life :)

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Wish I could find one as decent as yours. I look forward to this build in the coming year. Happy new year!!

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just another shortie from yesterday:


started with removing the door locks. If you do this, please note that always one screw should be left in place, otherwise the counterpart on the inside will fall down,

But im happy that didn't happen to me :)



then i got the side windows out. each window is only mounted by four small scews and a sealing rubber:



looks like this now:



hope im able to do another update today, but we'll see..

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Here we go again. Today we got a little warmer winter day so it's perfect to get some things done again :)


1) Moved the desk and chair into the garage, so my garage-office is complete now:



2) i removed the headlight cover on the codrivers side:



3) removed both headlights:



little rusty, but ok and with H4 conversion:



say hello to mr. Frogface :)



4) Removed both service flaps:



5) and at the end i removed the engine wiring-harness. seems to be some kind of selfmade-harness or something. will need a new one i think...


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Here we go :D after another hour of work today out in the cold i finally removed all the body parts. now i need to do some details and then next will be transmission and engine and drive-shaft. but i'll have to get an engine stand and an engine lifer first. so maybe i'll need a few weeks before i can do that.. but i still have a lot of small things to do until then..


got the hood off first:



and that's how it looked after:



next were the fenders:



then i got off the four radiator mounts:



and that's how she looks now. pretty naked :)



hoping for another update coming in soon :)

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uh, while i got myself some glasses and can see now what i do wheather kepps terrorising us: we acutally had some ice-rain (water freezes as soon as it gets in contact with the ground) for the first time ever over here. was kinda fun to drive, but got a bit chaotic on the streets :)

also here a little shot for the fans of my water-bottle :P



but who cares, i wanted to do a few things, so i did :)

started with the hood latch:



next task was the wiper motor and wiper arms:



looking pretty empty now (sorry for the blurry pic :D)



next on the 2do list where the air ducts to be removed:



think at least one of them needs to be replaced:



looking nice and empty as well:



then i got out the battery terminals. the minus was mounted to the transmission bell housing:



went along with the speedo cable at the transmisssion bell housing:



and speedo cable finally out:



then last task for today was getting out the chrome trim from the windshield as a friend of mine will come over on saturday and help me getting the windshield out.

was kinda easy with a spatula-type knife:



but i think i bent one of the trims maybe a bit too much. we'll see if i can reuse all of them:



so next big task will be the windshield and the driveshaft. Then i think i have to do a major cleaning in my garage and at the chassis :)

and am just buying an engine lifter and an engine stand to get those last big parts (excepted the suspension and footworks) out of the car :)

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AWESOME! Good work! Love that you include all the pics, this is a great thread... I Cant wait to see what you do next! Keep up the hard work....

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You are a machine, this will be done in no time at the rate you are going at. :thumbup:

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thanks guys :)


weather got a bit warmer today and almost all snow is gone. great. perfect weather to get some things done again :)


1) Installed a new storage system for small parts:



2) As mentioned earlier my friend (and car mechanic) andy showed up to help me with the windshield, here you can see him pressing the windshield out :)



Windshield finally out, have to figure out how i store it best now :)



and the result of todays work:


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As for the moment, i can't do too much things to the car, because i'll have to wait for the engine lifter beeing delivered. so i have to do a lot of small things, buy parts and so on.


today i only made one small thing i was looking for long now, i removed the drip rails from the rain gutter rails:



both sides off:



and how the car looks now:



the whole cabin and rear end is now almost complete for getting the paint of and in the front i only have to get out th engine and tranny. so after today, the ony thing i can do is remove parts from the bottom of the car.

fuel hoses, E-Brake parts, brakelines, Differential and the driveshaft. so i'll have to do some greasy work the next one or two weeks unti'l im ready to get the engine and transmission out.


Plan is to first restore the whole chassis, paint it and get the suspension (who actually just needs a wash and maybe a few parts need new powdercoating. all bushings and parts have been replaced. metal parts have beeen sanded and powdercoated in a gold color which wil fit great to what i've planned to do :) and after that i'll restore every single part and put it back on the car. hope progress will stay as fast as it is.. i really have so much fun working on the car and i hope this won't be my lastproject like this :)

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... you might wonder..


Well at the moment i have a lot of news, but not too much going on in the garage directly...


1) The guys i rent the garage from actually re-do their electricity so i don't have any light or sound in the garage and regarding the nasty weather at the moment and the fact i can't do too much at the moment anyway is the reason why there aren't too much big updates at the moment. but time will bring some big updates for sure :D


2) I contacted a lot of different restoring companies regarding a few points: best way to get off old paint, bondo and rust and how go get rust done.. i'd like to plan that now so i can start when the car is ready for that directly :)

i got answer from two local companies who sandblast and do chassis works that they have too much work and sadly didn't have time for my project at the moment. even if they both where very sorry for that, they helped me with some input.

next big thing was another company that sent me a price list about removing paint in a alcohol-bath very near me.. it's quite expensive (up to 6k for a bigger car) but at the end it seems to be way better than sandblasting and also some kind uf rust prevention and basic coating is included. i'll have to study the documents and details a bit more.. but it seems probably a good idea to do it that way.. but that means i have to save some money first..


3) just got a mail that the engine lifter and engine stands have been shipped out and should arrive here within a few days..

well that's it for today.. as soon as electricity is back in my garage i will continue to remove driveshaft, e-brake and rear differential and then engine and transmission...


4) currently emailing with a lot of guys and companies regarding parts i need and hopefully will be able to collect some nice pieces i need for my build.. details as soon as parts arrive..


that's it for the moment :)




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ok, after im still working on the decicion how i best rework the chassis i decided it's time to get some things done again, but sadly i wasn't able to complete anything, but at least i have a few good ideas how to continue and i saw that there was almost no rust on the bottom-end => good news :)


1) i decided to get rid of those belts who secure the fuel tank:



2) i secured the car with a few sparewheels for some under-car work and marked the position of the driveshaft. but of course extactly that one tool that was needed to remove the bolts was missing in my collction so i have to get a 12mm flat spanner. ok.



3) so i decided to get the fuel filler-pipe and the venturi hoses out, but as soon as i had the venturi hose out a guy from my neighberhood appeared and wanted to chat a bit about cars and look what im doing so i ended up talking about an hour and got nothing done.. but was a fun evening anyway and im looking forward to getting the driveshaft out at the weekend :)


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Actually the sun was out the whole day and temperature is rising again, so perfect to work a little on the car again. sadly the neighbor is still working on his electricity so i had no electricity the most of the time. but that didn't stop me from working at the car :)


1) Got a load of heavy packages yesterday and they included the engine stand, balancer and engine lifter. great :)



2) but i decided to get some work done on the car before i sped a lot of time with this puzzle:


after i still wanted to get the driveshaft out i felt that work would be easier when i get the stabilizer/rollbars out first:



sadly the gold powdercoating is peeling of allready so i have to redo this..


Then i decided to complete the fuel-filler-pipe and tank-venturi-hoses removal



after i started to get som pain in my back i decided to move work away from under the car and started to assamble the engine-stand and that's how it looked when done. pretty nice and good quality for a cheap ebay item :)



sadly the engine-lifter missed some screws that where lost during transportation, no big problem but i ended up leaving the garage in a big mess for today :)



i hopefully will be able to complete the engine lifter son and then get that damn driveshaft out :)

have a nice weekend guys :)

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looks like you had another Christmas with all the packages its looking like fun keep it up

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thanks guys :)


well let's stat with the uninterresting things first :)


i finally bought some screws and nuts today and almost completed the assambly of my engine-hoist/lifter/crane/whatever you call it :)

only need to tighten some screws but need a bigger spanner...



new the cool news: I finally managed after about an hour of pain to get that damn driveshaft out - how lucky i am now :D



next was the handbrake/e-brake/Safety-brake/Emergency-brake/parking-brake/what-ever-you-call-it-brake linkage :)



and finally the complete assamly including the handbrake-lever out:



then i cleaned out my garage a bit but i felt like this wasn't worth a photo :)

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