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Anyone here know this truck?


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Well, I went to Auburn,IN today for the big annual car auction. My buddy who went with me is into VW's and we found about a dozen of them. Datsuns? one truck. Either they're really rare or everyone who has one is hanging on to it.

It had Oregon plates. Just wondered if it looked familiar. It sold btw. Some lucky bastard gets to take it home.



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i'd love to see the interior or engine bay. unfortunately the purist's who have these dont sign up on here. I WONDER WHY. too many over opinionated dick heads. or how do you say too 510realmish.


:rofl: I tried to get a pic of the interior,but everything reflected off the windows. It looked nice,too. Underneath was normal road dirt. I wanted to see the engine,too.

I better share these. No drooling!





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This might be the truck a few blocks over from me ,My neighbor told me about another guy with some datsun trucks in his yard.

I immediately cruzed over there and talked to the guy.


The guy bought the truck on line and drove it home , he was having trouble getting it inspected because of the loose steering


this was a few months ago ...

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