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6 lug 15x8.5 Turbines by western SOLD

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Hate to sell these but i need the money to get my truck runing better.They are real westerns not sure on the offset, i put them on my truck befor i powder coated them and they do stick out a bit.Took me some time to find these in this size.Most the ones i found were 14s or not 6 lug. Had them powder coated semi gloss black by http://www.fullblownkustoms.com/ and they have never been mounted.

starting at 500 obo. would be up for trade/w cash (on your end or mine) or just trade for datsun stuff, l20/carbs/bucket seats/






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:blink: :console: decafe bro.. :lol:


pm sent.

bumped again!

Nice pics!

I have a set of X-tant Audiophile Amps the 400.4 and a 600.1 NIB. You can even buy them online yet, I got them from a friend at CES this year. interested?


oh, sorry i just saw this. let me think about that one, i want to say yes but yeah let me think sorry

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you have PM. 


i emailed and called them just so you know, they never got back to me.


anyway bump 500OBO i have no real need for these and im dieing to see them on a datsun.

i need money to toss in my 510 so some one come and get these sick wheels.

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400 not going any lower, id rather save them for a project then sell any cheeper.

400 is a good price, try and find a real set of these wheels in this size. iv seen tons of 14x7 and smaller but it took some time to find 15x8.5

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I could have sworn there was a dude on here that had a set of turbines he took to a powdercoat shop and they "lost" two of them.... I will see if I can find it again.


edit: found, http://community.ratsun.net/topic/21001-wheels-for-520/page__p__295295__hl__powdercoaters%20LOST%202__fromsearch__1entry295295


I dropped a PM to him pointing him here.

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thx Elmer. I've talked Skunk about these and actually tried to get the powdercoaters to buy his set. We just couldn't quite work out a deal that worked out for both of us.


I ended up finding a set of these in Oregon and those should be shipped to me this week.


BUMP for a nice set of rims....

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That is an excellent price gents. I talked to this guy about these wheels and they have been restored nicely. 15x8.5 sticks out too far for me on my 620 so I picked up the same wheels but in 15x8. I am spending far more than $400 to have them look like what you see in his pics. Trust me, these wheels look bad on a 620.

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