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the wifes 74' 260z project

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Well i had to get another project. not like a 510, 610, RA20 Celica and a 340 Duster weren't enough. See, the wife wanted to get in on some Z action. so decided i would get this Z as a project. its a nice starter car. needs interior pretty bad. any of you local so-cal guys have anything to spare or see good candidates at the junk yards please pass the info.

the wife wants wheel well flares, deep "star-fish" type wheels 15,16 or even 17's possibly. the front end style she likes is either the "Porsche" looking nose or the typical chin spoiler. she likes the rear finch style wing too. so if anyone has these parts and you not looking to retire off the sale price of these parts maybe we can do some dealing. now it sits nestled at the rear of the house waiting for the TLC... any tips, pointers, hints or help of any kind is greatly appreciated. will be posting pics as it progresses. Thanks for reading.





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you are so lucky to have a wife who likes cars and likes Z and wants a project. that is a clean start. brings back memories for me. I had a 240Z with the same wheels in high school and had so much fun in that car. email me at bull_ogna@hotmail as I got this book magazine of a lot of Z's modified in japan for ideas you may want to use I can email you pics.

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That is a nice car! Like Bonvo said, DeSmog that joker! There is a way to use what you've got, but I suggest a set of 240Z carbs on the "correct" manifold. From there, the skys the limit. I love how straight it is. The PO must have really taken good care of her...

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