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Okay so here is the deal I just bought a house in Spokane on the north side just off market... It is an investment property meaning that I will not be living in the house but I will be renting it and the 2 car detached garage out to whom ever... man we are already off topic!


SO this property is 1/2 acre and I will be building the ultimate man house on the back part of the property while renting out the house. Here are my plans as of now.


The base will be a 60x40 shop with a 40x40 loft apartment. It will be a steel pole style building I am toying with the idea of doing radient heat in the garage floor seeing that it is concrete and the entire space is open it may be cheaper to heat in the winter if the spacious concrete floor stays warm.


Lets start by discussing the bottom floor ideas... the work/play space. right now im thinking a hydraulic lift in the front of one of the bays. I should mention that it will have roll up doors 2 regular height and 1 RV height. one of the bays will be enclosed in itself with lights in the walls and ceiling and used for sandblasting. In the back part of the workspace im thinking of doing a concrete countertop bar and wash station with a little break area in the corner with some cool man cave items like a kegerator or something. needless to say there will be bad ass cabnets and tools everywhere.


Upstairs the living area....


umm lets start with the bedroom, I am going to take the bed of a mid-late 50/60's chevy, form it around a king size bed highlight it with some reclaimed antique lumber and build a bedfram out of it using the back of the cab for a headboard. the cab of the truck will be on the other side of that wall in the bathroom. opening the drivers side door will reveal the shower and the passanger door the shitter with the TP in the glove box. Under the hood will be the vanity and mirror. To complete the bathroom will be some kind of bad ass bathtub to cater to the ladies.


moving on to the kitchen. I would like to recycle a beer/soda truck with the rollup side doors to make one wall of the kitchen but that may just be a dream finding one. The main things in the kitchen i want is a flat grill like you see at a hibachi grill I love to cook and you can cook anything on those. Other things the kitchen will feature will be a section of chilled countertop and a chilled cabnet/wine cooler at the end of the entrance to the kitchen will be the wet bar.


I have a few other pretty cool ideas that are sort of difficult to explain but will be fun to build and try.


Okay so you are all thinking... $$$$$ yea its going to cost a few pennies to do all of this and make it the ultimate bad ass man house, your right it will but most of the things I need and want to use are reclaimed materials which can be found cleaned up and for realitivly cheap. The most expensive part besides the building is the tools and toys that are going in the garage.


So lets here what all of you would want in your mancave! lets keep this imaginative because the sky is the limit and it is going to be a ratsun hang out

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I am moving to the east coast... Ill be moving out there late june/july but its an overseas job so ill only be on the east coast for like 3 months before heading overseas. Im going to use this shop for storage of all my goodies and it will be my home base so to speak haha

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I recently purchased a little over 4 acres for a place to retire. Told the wife goin in we were gonna have a shop that is 40 x 60. Could be another 10 years or so but hey, I ve been workin on the 1200 since November of 2005 :cool:

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