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Does Ratsun know this 510?


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*I viewed this @ night*

Yeah, I went and looked at this. First off, the current owner bought it with out a title, but it has one now. He bought it non-running. The current owner hasn't done anything to it (he said). Has dash core, some rust, spare tire well removed and welded shut, has molded but nice driver and rear seats. "custom" front and rear valance, riveted on. Custom trunk release. New tires. No VIN in the dash, hard to find VIN on firewall but found a painted over VIN on the strut tower. "custom" taillights, dual round, with soup cans in the trunk. Has no battery. I think cut springs.


I think that's it. One good thing about this is the guy "just wants it gone." I brought a camera when I went to look at it but forgot I had it with me! So sorry I don't have pictures of the bad parts (especially the taillights).


I'm still new to 510s, so I wasn't sure what i would discover once I brought it home. If you are looking for a project you might be able to get this for -$500. Sell the tires and make half your money back.


Hope this helps.

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All i know is that its been for sale for some time now, i remember seeing it for sale back in Oct when i got my blue 620. and i dont think hes lowerd the price once.

Actually, he raised the price. It was up for $750 at one point. I have a PDF of that add.


Damn! That last post was #100! Noob representing!

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