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Compressor sound barrier?

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I am in the process of doing some garage improvements and getting everything setup to really start going at my NL320 project. I was wondering if anyone has done anything around their garage compressors to reduce noise. I have been thinking about building a box type surround around the motor and pump out of some sort of insulating foam but wasn't sure about heat buildup. I have a 30 gallon 4hp horizontal compressor that tends to be pretty loud. It is also in an attached garage so the wife complains in the house from the noise. The only place I have for it is on the adjoining wall so it is pretty loud.

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You can build a box but it shouldn't be a tight fitting insulation packed box but rather one with internal volume. You should also have an intake/exhaust fan and baffle set up.


Here is a link to what I mean



I would (Will when I get a 2nd compressor for my work areas downstairs) do what he did but take it a step further and staple a layer of foam insulation to the inner wall of the box as well as a floor. I would also have 2 of those fans. One low to take in cold air and one high to exhaust hot. Bet his baffle set up works ok but again I'd go balls out and almost double the length, and in a nautilus shape not a simple S. His works, I saw a very similar set up at a shop not too long ago but that being said with the mods I'm talking about it would be whisper quiet.


Idk if that idea conflicts with space but you got to do what you got to do lol.

If you build a tight box around the entire thing or even just the head it's going to over heat. My friend put a simple cardboard tv box on his and it got hot as shit right quick.


Hope that helps

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Thanks for that link. That helps out a lot. I think the compressor could fit under the bench in my garage and I could use that as the starting framework. That baffle idea is really cool. I definitely would make it a little more complex of a pathway too and add a second fan. That was one of the things I was stuck on because just making a couple holes in the side of it would kind of defeat the purpose.


I had thought about building something outside for it but the houses are really close together and my garage is in front of my house so it would put it near the bedrooms. You can barely fit a car next to the garage so I don't want to kill that parking spot.

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Lots of good info. I'm planning to do this in my garage too so this is really helpful. Another thing you might consider is how the compressor sits on the floor. For the compressor at our shop, I used motor mounts to isolate some of the vibration. This helped a lot. If your compressor is the type that has wheels though, it might not need much. Our shop compressor is isolated in it's own room, so I didn't do much else.




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