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Need advice on...


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Best how? easiest labor wise? Cheapest?


Yeah , I agree with 72240z !


What are you planning to do ? ( racing , cheap , daily driver ) I guess what are your plans for your car , budget looking to spend , parts you would like to achieve ( stock , performance , clutch dumping ? , track ? daily driver ? or just anything you can get your hands on for cheap like me ? )

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Parts needed:


*Transmission: the stock 4 speeds are almost free as no one want's them. The 5 speed from a '77-'79 200sx will fit and come up for sale now and then. All other non turbo L series 5spds are longer by about 6" so the drive shaft needs shortening, the tranny mount modified, shifter hole moved back.


*Clutch arm: may come on replacement transmission, if not you will need one


*200mm flywheel: Get a used one. Has to be a 5 bolt to fit your 510. They were also used on the 521 and early 620 trucks with L16 motor and any L18 cars. If well worn, have machine shop surface it.


*510 clutch and brake pedal: The clutch pedal will not fit beside the larger automatic brake pedal so replace both or be ready to modify it. With the clutch pedal be sure to get the master push rod, springs, clips and any bolts that are used to mount it/them.


Clutch master cylinder: Buy a new one, they are cheap.


Slave cylinder (and hard line between): Same as above and make your own hard line. Replacement tranny may still have one on it.


New pilot bushing: An automatic engine won't have one so put a new one in. About $5 at dealer.


New release bearing: High wear item. If replacement tranny has one on it, remove bearing from the housing that clips to the clutch arm and throw away and get new one.


New pressure plate and clutch disc assy: High wear item. Buy a new one. May come with new release bearing and housing!


All these (*) parts can be collected from other forum members of on line, the rest should be bought new.





...or just buy new stuff from like a off road place and fab it up. anything helps guys. thanks


The 510 isn't an off road vehicle so I doubt these parts will be found there. Try auto parts house and the Nissan dealer. None of these parts can be fabricated with the exception of the hard line. If shortening the drive shaft have a professional shop do it and have it balanced.

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