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finding parts (B-210 heater)

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I really need help finding parts for my 1978 datsun b210 pls help, i need a new heaters system that is everything and possibly a new wiring harness


Can I assume you have looked at wrecking yards in Texas and surrounding? A B210 heater found in Idaho isn't going to be cheap to ship there, plus the cost of buying it.

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Cable won't change this. If it's bouncing then yeah but more likely you have larger than stock tires. The speedo cable is turned by a small gear drive in the tail stock. This gear is matched to the rear differential so if the tranny was changed and the gear not kept and installed in the new one, it could be for a different ratio. Likewise the rear diff could have been changed to a different ratio and this would upset the speedo gear ratio as well.

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the speed problem is more of a recent thing, i was on the highway and seeing what i could get it to go to well the speedometer said 80 and i heard a big bang and i think that started it, then a week and a half ago i got pulled over for 49 in a 40 and i know my speedometer said 40 and this happened after the bang

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The speedometer is gear driven. A bang cannot alter the gear ratio.


In the dash unit though the speedometer has a magnetic coupling. If the dash was hit real hard (think sledgehammer) maybe it could change the coupling... seems unlikely.


Here's what you need, genuine Nissan speedometer gear, different colors are available for different gear adjustment


Beware they are about $15

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