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Dougs world got rocked

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A 6.5 hit near Eureka. Talked to Doug's wife and they're all good. Also my friend Tim near Blue Lake is good but has no power. Lots of people felt it here in Redding and heard reports it was felt as far as Klamoth Falls Oregon.

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Thanks Eric! The worst shaking I've ever felt.

I'm hoping that our 4-1/2 year old Grandaughter doesn't

have nightmares.

The damage was minor ( items fell,but no breakage).

I went to the garage...... a few things moved around,but the

B210 is still on it's jackstands - what a relief!

I volunteer with the local fire department.Lots of calls,

but very few major problems.It could have been much worse.

Thank you for caring!



- Doug

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nothing down here :cool:


i lived in blue lake w/my aunt for while.

there (used to be?) a huge bigfoot staute near the river there.


Are you sure that you're not thinking of the statue in Willow Creek?

PG&E had all power back on by the next day.Lots of gas leaks,cracked chimneys.

Most places you can't see any differance from the week before.


- Doug

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