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front end re-build


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I re-did the tie rods came new w/car along with all the bushings I need all rubber (no poly urethane). Although I would have went with those. Im going with what I have.So tie-rods done,have bushings,have lower ball joints,steering knuckle,what else?

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centerlink bar, idler arm?

[/quoteDo those two components have bushings? If they are solid metal pieces without bushings,I probably wont replace them but if they have rubber in them you bet I will. All I know is the shocks are all new and upgraded 5 way adjustables,but the old components for the front end are most likely almost 40 years old. Time for some tlc.

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For me I replaced the tie rods,ball joints,shock and springs when did the zx conversion, T/C bushings with experimental engineering kit, adjusted steering box and added a brace,idler bushings with experimental engineering delrin kit, got alignment. car is steady.

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Thanks Benzo good info. My car is awfully twichy on a less than perfect road, I dont know if its because of worn front end components or because I have bigger wheels and tires. The front end needs re-built anyway hopefully this will fix it.

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New TC bushings will help. or those hard ones.

I have the T3 adjustable TC rods now with No bushings and is just solid straight when I stop!!!!!!!!!

Good to know banzai,I think I will feel much better about driving it when I get the front-end done. Its not a daily driver its my weekend toy,still a lot of little things to be done but I love my little 510.

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