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me and goki in the goon squad set yo!

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Goki, man, I pulled out of a video store parking lot in the Datsun last night about 9pm. I went about three blocks when a city cop in an SUV came flying up behind me and lit 'em up!


I pulled into the parking lot of a Chinese buffet place, killed the Dat, got out my license, insurance and registration and waited...and waited...and waited...and waited.


Finally, this super young cop (looked like he was about twelve) cautiously made his way up the driver's side of my goon taking care to be out of my line of sight.




(If you don't know that's a classic gang initiation trick. They drive at night without headlights, wait for someone to flash their headlights to tell 'em they're driving without lights and then they shoot the good samaritin for doing his civic duty.)


I told the cop, "Officer, I am so sorry! I had dash lights so I guess I was running on just parking lights - dude, I am sorry!".


He laughed, ran my license (no tickets since 2002 and that was just for not having my seat belt buckled) and was about ready to cut me loose when he hesitated and said, "What exactly is the 'goon squad'?".


I told him it was car guy slang for "station wagon". He smiled and said, "So, you're not a gang enforcer going around crackin' heads, huh?".


Without thinking I guess I shot him a GTFO look and the little guy went to laughing. He cut me loose, wished me a Happy New Year, I apologized for wasting his time and came on home........CUZ THAT'S HOW I ROLL YO :rolleyes: !



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You know that's a myth about the whole headlights off/flashing thing, right? It's BS. I'm sure some little panty-waist gangster wannabes tried to start some shit with it, but all the myth sites I visit have that one on there. No confirmed reports. Plus, most of us will just shoot them if they try that. :D

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