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fiberglass tonneau cover


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So i came across this link and about 6 photo's down is a pic of a "rose auto" roadster race car http://www.gordon-glasgow.org/gallery5.asp

I love the look of the integrated cover and am going to try and make one this winter. Any advise on what fiberglass materials to use? i have no experience fiberglass so please feel free to pass on any advice.

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Hi Rory,

Greg here. Give me a call. Maybe we can pattern this out and make a few of them.

I think your best bet is to hook-up with someone who is well versed in the field of glass work.Although its not super difficult tooling and knowing what types of materials to use is very important.Building a mould is not that easy and best left to those with the knowledge and skill.Your enthusiasm is refreshing,but starting on a smaller project may be a better plan,learning how everything works.good luck in your endeavors and hope it turns out great.

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We can make that, no problem. You haven't been paying attention when you go in the basement. All those slope planes are made out of glass and epoxy. Way more complicated than that flat slab of glass. Let's get that car down to the nice warm space this week.

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Sorry guys,guess I misunderstood. When I hear"tonneau cover" I think of a part with curves and radius. Apparently you are speaking of a flat piece without any contour which explains why I did;nt see anything in the pics resembling a tonneau cover.If its totally flat should be a piece of cake,good luck

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This tonnuea is covering the passenger compartment. And it looks like they are still in business: http://www.roseauto.com/stock.html





The plan is to try and might it in 3 pieces, 1st piece is the part behind the seats, 2nd piece covers the passengers side of the car (i don't plan on having a passenger's seat but with the option to put one in) 3rd piece is the hump (think 300 slr mercedes) that goes behind the drivers seat. The car isn't supposed to be practical, i already have 2 of those! The one thing i haven't investigated is the windshield, anyone know where to get those little "bump" type shields that you find on spyders, kit cars and race cars? or do i have do make one from plexiglass and form it to fit. Thanks for the input.

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