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FS: Full L18 Swap/extras

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We've got up for sale a pretty complete L18 swap. Includes radiator, almost all hoses, new gaskets (installed and not), mechanical fuel pump, intake manifold with FRESHLY REBUILT Weber carb (inspected all jets and everything is clean, clear and good to go), exhaust manifold is clean and has new header wrap installed. Includes new spark plugs, spark wires, cap and rotor, full exhaust with large fart cannon muffler, and many misc parts including a good 4 speed transmission and a Dogleg 5 speed needing rebuild.


We opened the valve cover and inspected the valves and rockers, which all looked good. Motor turns freely and was ready to be wired and run. Motor was cleaned, pressure washed and painted the closest color to the Datsun blue we could find using high temp paint and high temp clear for durability and to make it easier to clean. Intake manifold was painted with high temp silver and high temp clear. Carb, as stated, was opened, cleaned, rebuilt and should compliment the motor just fine for a stock L18. The Dogleg is missing 1st, 3rd and 5th, from what we were told, but we were given the stock 4 speed to use in its place. Both transmissions are included, you can rebuild, scrap or sell the Dogleg.


Motor comes with a freshly resurfaced OEM flywheel AND A BRAND NEW EXEDY CLUTCH/PRESSURE PLATE/THROWOUT BEARING, which all have ZERO miles on them, installed and ready to break in!!! Also comes with an Electronic Distributor with matchbox and a few coils and points dizzy's as well.


Motor was going to be used until an L20 became available to us, so there should be no issues slapping this motor in, filling it with oil, plugging it in and driving it ASAP. Again, there are tons of brand new gaskets, parts and pieces because the motor was going to be used as a daily driver once it was all put back together.


We're looking for $300 and will entertain any reasonable offers. I think this is a GREAT price considering everything it comes with. Please feel free to PM me, email me or call/text for more information on anything!












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Someone buy this motorset. You'll be getting a great deal on everything that's included! I've been working on this block for the past few months, and if you follow my build thread, I like doing things the RIGHT way. Needs very little to be a daily-able motorset!

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Although it wasn't stated, we'd prefer someone to come PICK IT UP! For this price, we're NOT putting it on a pallet and shipping. You can arrange for someone to caravan it up to you, or you can cruise out and grab a great deal on this motor. We did put a cap or so of oil in all the spark plug holes to make sure it was getting some lubrication while it was up on the engine stand, as well as poured some oil on all the rocker arms and cam lobes for the same reason. Oil came out looking fairly good for a motor that's been sitting for so long! Oil pan was taken off, cleaned inside and out, and we even clear coated it to keep it petina'd. Has a little rust, bare metal and old blue paint on it. Looks pretty cool with how clean the rest of the motor is! New oil pan gasket was installed and sealed. New valve cover gasket was also installed!

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Skib, to sweeten the deal, I will buy you TWO In N Out meals if you drive down. Ricardo flew up and drove the car back from Oregon, you can do it!


haha dont have the funds for a trip atm but Im shootin to roll down this summer in the goon

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Well.... Paypal her the money, plus like $50 for another engine stand and I'll keep it at my new house. Maybe I'll even tinker on it, some!


Okay, fine that's not practical... But the motor is still up for grabs, regardless of the nibbles she's gotten so far!


Included in price is:


L18 - Ready to fire

Weber carb - recently rebuilt

Stock radiator

Wrapped exhaust manifold

Full exhaust from downpipe to fart cannon

Stock alternator

Several dizzy's

Several coils

Many new gaskets, hoses, spark plugs, wires, etc




And by In-N-Out, I might not mean the burger joint....

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no life as a repo man is intense..........(from the movie repo man)


funny you say that one of my best friends dad is a repo man. I have taken him to some calls. People can get really angry for not paying there bills. hahahh


Hes been shot at, stabbed, hit with a bat, ect. ect. lol


free bump.

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hey hi, is it still uf for sale, im looking for an engine for aa loot of time but everything its so far away, i live in tijuana mexico, so i could drive over there in a my pickup and take it south, but i only have like, 266 cash and a few coins in my pocket

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