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wtt: 15x7.5 +0mm 4x114.3 bbomb, red/polished

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City: Hoquiam

State/Province: WA


Price: trade only, looking for 14"-15" low offset steel wheels (diamond racing, cragar, ccw, etc) or old school alloy/mag wheels (appliance, ARE, libre, slotted, etc.)


Wheel Size: 15x7/5 +0mm

Wheel Brand: Konig Bbomb

Tire Size: 195-50-15 Toyo Proxes, nearly done for

Number of Wheels/Tires available: All 4 available, will not split up, trade for sets of 4 please.


Item Description:

These are some extra wheels I've acquired, and I'd like to see what else is out there. These are in pretty good shape, I have not noticed any oxydization or pealing. Not chips in the red or anything. I have noticed that the chrome coating on the faux rivets has started to come up off the plastic, but aside from that, the finish is in excellent shape on these. One wheel has a tiny bend on the oustide lip that I did not notice until ballancing. Very small, almost not noticeable, I will try to get a pic on thursday. Tires are 195-50-15 toyo proxes 4's, but are just about done for. All have bad wear, but none are showing cords and can be driven on for a short time.


Looking for either an old set of alloys/mags for my '78 cressida, or a set of low offset steel wheels, 14"-15" accepted, any finish or color. Let me know :D.

call shane @ 360/581-3308





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13" is a bit too small for my tastes (it's a bigger car for jtin), but do you have any specs on the 15"s? Also, sorry, I am not currently interested in oem z wheels, maybe for a set of swastikas, but I just don't know if I want to go with the narrow 6.5" nissan oem stuff.

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Shit, you guys are all so far away, lol. I really like libres, but I am not sure if 13"s will even clear my calipers :(. Do you have any pics of them?


And no thanks for now on the swastikas, 6" wide is a little narrow, but I will let you know.

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