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ca18et trans question


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change the bell on a ka trans


It could be done but you would need a shorter drive shaft and modded tranny mount. The front case would need some mods and the counter bearing on the KA tranny exchanged for a 56mm one.


On the plus side you have a pre '85 tranny so any:


'77-'79 620 and '80 720 2wd truck.

'81-'84 2wd 720 truck. Check length for 31.5" same as yours.

'77-'78 280z and '79-'83 280zx non turbo.


... should fit by swapping your CA bolt pattern front case half without any mods.


NOTE: You have a turbo motor with lower 3.592 1st to get the turbo spoolin' ASAP, and most of these replacements have a higher (lower number) 1st gear. The only one is the '79 620 truck with the same 3.592 1st. gear. The zx 5spds have the lowest 1st gear at 3.062 and a monster over drive 5th, not good for a turbo. Using the 'closer ratio' trannys with a 3.321 1st. will give you less RPM drop between shifts. Just sayin'.

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I was at Pull n Save Spokane yesterday. One row had two blue 620s. I'm pretty sure one was a 5-speed. No idea on what ratios. Maybe you can live with whatever ratios in order to get the SX going. There may be another 620 in a different row, but I don't know what tranny it had. Also, there's an 810 with a stick trans, but I didn't check if it is a 5-speed. It seems like the blue 620s have been there awhile, so may be in the row due to be crushed. I wouldn't wait too long to check it out. And take a tarp if you might be pulling one out. It's muddy out there right now.



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Scott I actually have the '85 turbo 5spd. I traded the CA 'bell' for a KAE head..... (is that wrong?) I only wanted the guts with larger gears and bearings anyway.


Nice! The thing I like about the mention of using a 'stumpy' l-series gearbox with the CA bell, in my case, is that the shifter location is more forward. That is if one were thinking about a CA in a '59 datsun.:D


CA on top and L below. Mike does this look like a dogleg 5-speed to your trained eye? They only list it as being in a r30skyline or behind an l24.

Photo from Datsun1200.com


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Top tranny with motor (what kind is it) is an FS5W71C, the other is a short FS5W71B. Strange but it looks like it has an L bolt pattern on it. They did come on the 720 trucks and I have one but it's a Z bolt pattern. In 1980 they used the L20B so possibly from an '80 720???? What side is the speedo drive on???


Someone mentioned there was a competition 5spd made for the 510 and was short, B type shifter and with L bolt pattern but I don't think so. The 510 was gone by the time the B shifter was out. Unless it was made much later.

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datzenmike - Thanks for the 810 5-speed info. Do you think the ratios would be the same as the 280 of the same year?

I have a flywheel from an 810 that is lighter weight than Z or PU 6-bolt wheel. Any idea if all 810s used lighter flywheels? I'm remembering the weight being between 17 to 18 pounds. Z and PU were over 20, I think.



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