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Installed 5 speed and no 1st ans 2nd


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Hey fellas i installed a truck 5 speed today because i blew my clutch so after i got it all installed i started my car and put it in 1st and 2nd and nuthin but i got all other gears it is the second time i put a 5 speed and it had no1st and 2nd i had a 4 speed z tranny in and blew the clutch the thing with this 5 speed is that if i move the stick though all the gears and then 1st and 2nd works at times... well ll i can say is im pissed and ima take a few days off of messin with my dime..

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Odd that they work 'at times'. Because 3/4 5/R work the shift rod would seem to be fine. Maybe the 1/2 striker rod has come loose on the fork rod. It's got a roll pin holding it on. Slaming second its hard on it. 4 speeds are notorious for this but at least there is a cover plate to get at it.

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i just never opened a tranny before i dont wanna not be able to put back together or put it back together and have extra pieces idk


i have the same feeling, i have a 5spd here thats thrashed but i am scared of taking it apart adn not being able to put it back together again.


Guys, one has no 1st/2nd and the other is thrashed. How is taking it apart going to make it worse? You can get the front case half off with only a 12mm wrench and a pair of snap ring pliers.... hell even a small screw driver will work. This will expose everything but 5th, reverse and the shift linkage, all of which are in the tailstock. Medical students cut up cadavers to learn things.

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Guys, one has no 1st/2nd and the other is thrashed. How is taking it apart going to make it worse? ... Medical students cut up cadavers to learn things.


Datzenmike is right guys. Trannys aren't as bad as you think; It's only intimidating until you dive into your first one.. Granted, you have to pay attention to what you're doing, but like rebuilding a carb, if you keep things in order and pay attention, you should be fine. It's just a machine.

The fact that our Datsuns are old and basic works in our favor. :thumbup:

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can anyone tell me the hassles and problems i am prob. going to run into doing a 5-speed swap on a 1990 pignose stock 240?


First, go to the forum home page and select DRIVETRAIN in the TECHNICAL section and start a thread specially for this 5 speed swap. This way answers for your question aren't confused with ones for this post about missing gears. Just click on DRIVETRAIN and then click "NEW THREAD" in the upper left and post away.

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