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New to the site!


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Hi everyone! I'm kinda new here. I signed up a while back but never really got online much.


My hubby and I are big into Nissans and have a few 520 and 521's.


My project is a '67 520 w/ only 70k on it. I haven't been able to do alot to it so far. I am hoping to get it to a shop soon and have it bagged and bodied to the doors. The door handles, antenna hold, front turn signals, rear side relectors, fuel door, emblems, and a whole bunch of small holes that were in the top of the bed rails have been shaved.


My hubby has a '69 521 w/ L16 w/ 200k + - on it. This truck belonged to his grandfather. This is the truck that got me hooked onto Datsuns. I used to hear all kind of stories from my hubby about it. We got lucky and his dad gave it to us. So one day after my truck is done we will restore this one and we both will have Datsuns (HERS & HIS)!!!


If you have any questions please feel free to ask!!

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Welcome! And an awesome story. I love that we are getting more and more girl datsun lovers. I think my wife is as as excited for our 1959 Datsun to arrive as I am! (Well, not quite as excited, but she is stoaked!)


Post up some more pics of your trucks, cause as you know if you've been lurking around here enough, any second you will get a bunch of PICS PICS PICS requests (demands) from these rabid Datsun animals!

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some here




i cant hide anywhere :(.... glad youre on here now :D


Haaa! That is great, the sanctuary has been invaded! Glad to have you both, and thanks for the pictures on the other link! Cool that you two work at dueling Nissan dealerships!

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You mean Datsuns right.:confused:


Welcome. Nice trucks.:thumbsup:


We have both. We have a 98 Sentra, 00 Frontier bagged, 67 520, 69 521, 70 521, and 71 521

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