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This may be a dumb question but I guess I should ask before throwing good money away. I got me a 69 521 with an L18 put in by the P/O I guess it to be about a 74. Engine runs great now after new weber. The only mechanical problem I know ofthat needs immediate attention are the brakes. The guts of the right front are gone and the brake line has been clamped off. The tranny whines once in awhile but shifts great and it hasbeen my dependable daily driver to work for about a year. I took it to a Mieneke (sorry for spelling) and told them I wanted new brakes all around. They called me with a $3,000.00 estimate! they told me they all had to be shipped from Japan even though I can get the parts from Kragen pretty reasonable. although the shop told me they allhad to be shipped from Japan. My wife is in management so we may be moving out of state which will mean an apartment with nowhere to do real major work on my baby. Could I take it to a tranny shop and get the tranny rebuilt or are parts only available in junk yards? As for the brakes did these brake guys have their head up there ass and should I bother getting another estimate or take my vacation from work to do the brakes? What I really want to do is really cherry out this truck replacing everything thats worn which after 40 years is most everything I imagine. Can I get some opinions please. If its not going to be realistic to do this I will sell it and and go with a 1970 ElCamino. I know i can get all the parts for that easily, but in my opinion the 69 Datsun has so much more of a cool factor.






P.S. I found an 8 track tape player for it that works!!!!!! Now thats cool!

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I priced out all new drum brakes and it ended up being almost the same price(if not more) than doing the disk conversion. add up wheel cylinders, springs etc it gets pricey. $3000 is ambitious I think after I get the 280 master I'll be about $1200 into the disks with all new parts - if i junkyarded it it would be much cheaper

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Having driven 520/521s with drums and with disk, I can promise you that you will never regret a disc upgrade. Even with good king pins (which most DON'T have) the drum brakes tend to pull unless they are in perfect order. A disc brake conversion helps cover up worn front end parts -- plus they stop SOOOO much better. Using a BEEBANI or Klotz kit and some good wrecking yard parts can get you back on the road in better than new condition for $300-$500.

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What, $3k for brakes? I did the drums on my 520 two years ago and the wheel cylinders, while not easy to find, were still only like $40 each. That's ubsurd. You could do it yourself for WAY cheaper, but you'll still have to find a parts truck to grab the missing stuff from. I had the same issue on my 510 2 days ago, the PO had ripped everything out of the drum. I pulled the needed parts, including a wheel cylinder, from a parts 510. Bought new shoes and now everything works fine.

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