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Ifiniti of Fife car show


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Place:Infiniti of Fife

Date 8-16-09

Time 9:00 am roll in for good spots

Free Event.BBQ,Trophies,Raffles,good times and Disount on parts

Call me if you have other questions 206-391-4589 BJ

Was gonna have RAY with autohero bing some rides but i think hes gonna be at the drift event.



Well ive been asked by the owner and parts manager to help bring down some cars.However there is a driftevent on 8-16 so not that many cars with be able to make it :( Bring anything that has to deal with Datsun,Nissan,Infiniti

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Top Posters In This Topic

Lots of good people and some nice rides. Had a chance to meet and chat with Rick- Rat alot more that I have in the past good guy...Look for this next year, probly be even better....

Ggziila should have brough the Sunny down the guy who won best of show had a Japenese imported nissan pulsar,,,yours would have been more unique...next year

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Guest Rick-rat

It was fun, good people, nice cars, a little loud, being right next to I-5 lots of refreshments available, Big Dave took home two trophies, BEST CUSTOM, and BEST PAINT, Hope to see you all at the Port Gamble show





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