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KYB GR2 vs Tokico HP vs Koni D


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Like to hear opinions between these shocks on a 510.


Currently have the KYB GR2 with Suspension Technique springs and find them not adequate for moderate to aggressive street driving. I had Tokico HP blue in my previous 510 in the past and felt better than these GR2's.

I'm not going for CO setup.


Going to replace them with Tokico HP blue soon.

Have the Koni D shocks also but saving them for another 510 :D

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KYB GR2s are more a less just a cheap replacement shock.


Blue tokicos are good but the tokico Illumunas maybe better.


I like the koni D adjustable. so you can match it up with the spring but remember they work on retraction only not comprression. I heard of Koni yellows(gas) but they dont list one for a 510


The KYB "GAS A Just" is the shit if you ever can find them(NLA) better for a Rally car as it might lift the car abit

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I'm with Hainz, I use the KYB Gas if I can get them, the Bilsteins came in my car and I'm going to have the spare set re valved and rebuilt. I have heard the Koni's don't control stiff shocks very well ....

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Spoke so soon

Rear shocks came in

It's a bargain for $36.10 each shipped for free

The front inserts are tough to find, still looking










And here's that Koni D

Was just reading the instruction for it

Downside on this once installed, you have to remove it to adjust it







Koni Front inserts on a 10.5'' strut housing from a 68' 510

Ready to be installed











Supposedly, these are Nissan Comp Rear springs and shocks

Shocks are made by Kontrolle

Anyone familiar with Nissan Comp?



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I turned my Koni about 1/4 turn to stiffen it up!!!!!!!!!!



push shock together then feel the indent then turn the shock.


What I do is get a bar or something and make sure it feels anout the same on retraction, as every shock might be a little different. alot of these shocks have been on shelves for years and seom seal could be bad.

Konis can be rebuilt by Koni if you send them in.

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Did you still need inserts for the front? I think I can get those for you. I am in the bay area. Did you talk to Troy Ermish also?




Looking for Tokico HZ3002

Specific for 1968 510 strut housing

Let me know if you know of a vendor that can still get it.


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Specific for 1968 510 strut housing?????????


I believe those are 10.5 inch from weld to the bottom.

You can buy the shorter 280zx cartridge size and use some washers or a steel spacer on bottom of strut housing to make up the size diffeence


you could also shorted those up for the 280zx strut cartridege size.



HZ3002 it's the correct size

No spacers, no mods needed

I don't want to consider 280zx cartridge yet till I know for sure that I can't get those anymore.

If that's the case, will just go for the MR2 Illumina inserts

Will see

I'm sure I'll find a set somewhere

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Abe ,watch out for the NOS koni shock alot of them have been stored flat on the shelf for years and the orings and seals are shot inside, I had the same shocks on my first 510 for about a week and they froze up solid...literally no movement at all the front was rock solid, sent them back under warranty (:lol:) and installed the second set those lasted a little longer but did the opposite and leaked and I had no compression or rebound at all :mad: I bought a set of newer konis out of a wrecked race car from Troy and still have them in my wagon and the adjustment works great, just an FYI if they were sold as NOS



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