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Lucky SOB

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so to make a long story short so i can go to bed, i just got pulled over coming from marysville for speeding. now i still dont have insurance for my car so i was a little worried about the 500 dollar ticket that i knew he could give me on the spot. he gets out of the car and immediately starts admiring my car than asked for my license registration and proof of insurance and i told him i just got it 3 days ago and didnt get my card yet. he didnt really buy it and told me its still illegal. he goes to his car then comes back and says im looking at $1200 in tickets for speeding, modified exhaust, no insurance, and faulty equipemnt, then gives me my stuff back and says "slow down and have a good night"

im fucking lucky

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Where did the faulty equipment come from? He must have figured he could find at least 5 things faulty since it was a 1969 Datsun :D hehe

haha it was the faulty speedo cable. and trust me im calling the insurance company today.

im glad i have a 510, if it was a honda im pretty sure i would have gotten a ticket

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