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starting issues


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7 months ago when i picked up my truck, i thought something was wrong with the wiring.


Battery would die every few days, got some good help figuring that out. Turns out it was a dead cell in the battery.



Its almost acting like that again. First, it would just "Click" and nothing. I would head the started click once then do nothing.



Ok, jump started it, thought maybe i left something on? I did have the stereo going for half hour. That must have been it, wrong..


I drove it around for a few hours and got a good charge back on it (keep in mind im 370 miles from home with no volt meter) It will start back up a few hours later no problem. I checked every possible switch inside the cab to make sure everything was off, or unplugged. Including the dome light, Cig lighter, stereo etc. & also made sure the batter terminals were tight so everythings good there too.


The next day when trying to start, it does turn over. When a battery is low it will make a click sound inside the cab somewhere. When you press the starter switch, it would turn the engine a quarter turn (so i think that means 1 full turn of the starter?) after every 1 turn of the starter i could hear it click inside the cab, then it would turn again, then i heard the click again etc etc over and over luckily it started.


It died one more time after that. So, got another jump and everything seems to be fine again. I drove 6 hours straight and stopped off at Slayers country kitchen in portland, was there for an hour, come out and it happened again. Every time i hit the starter button i just heard the starter click and nothing happened.



I kept hitting the button over and over, and finally it just kicked over and started up.



anyone have any thoughts on whats going on with this?


Just got a voltmeter in the mail thanks to mosier, installing this week


Some thoughts i had, i noticed my turn signals didnt work so thought that maybe the hazard switch was not properly disengaged so it killed it

Maybe the starter is going bad?

maybe i should replace the wires for the battery??




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I think that the click that you are hearing is the starter solenoid. Right on the other side of the passenger floorboard.


Your starter is clicking. IE-starter solenoid engage the drive gear to the flywheel.

But your starter is dying and the motor is not spinning.

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havent checked the syl, cable looks good. negative cable looks a little old n what not



ill try and get pics tomorrow, may have to make a trip to freaky510's for some parts :D



btw, theres two diff clicking noises. i know the one from the starter, but theres another from in the cab near the fuse box. maybe its something they put in the 720s. Datsun mike probly knows. ill try and look it up in the book tomorrow

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The '80 720 is an odd ball. Besides having the last year L20B and all the differences that brings, it also has a slightly different wiring system in the cab from all other year 720s. The fuse box is different with fewer fuses than other years. There are a lot of relays in the 720 as well. I'll take a look when I get home but the click may just be an ign. 'on' relay.

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Clean the battery posts and the clamps that hold the cables. The fact that a jump fires it up precludes the starter being bad. Something is draining the battery or it's bad.


Disconnect the pos terminal and connect a test light between the cable and the post. If on it could mean there is a draw somewhere. If you have a clock it will be on. Now start removing fuses, when the light gos out you have found the circuit with the draw. This will narrow it down. Try also pulling the plug out of the alternator too. A bad diode may allow a discharge when off.

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theres no plug on my alternator



not sure what its out of but the plug is just sitting there, two wires are connected to the alternator


I installed a voltmeter into the cab today, ill get it hooked up tomorrow. tested it and it works


ill update this in a minute gonna hunt the camera down and take a picture

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lol, guess there is a plug there



but its never been plugged in, never saw the spot for it before these pictures. i figured someone put a different alt in there. the volt meter was just above 12 when i tested it.





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