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anybody know this truck?


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I think barely drivable is cool. It gives a chance to breed new ideas and promotes a hard core culture of enthusiasts. And that's only if it's driven. Definitely not for old men and their Datsuns! And yes the driver may perish in an accident but so will a motorcyclist. I don't see how that holds any relevance.

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hey charlie,


i've been around... just not too vocal on here. new gf... now fiance. new job... now a pita. just dropped my head off yesterday at the machine shop. need it checked out professionaly. while it's out i'm gonna see about rebuilding the bottom end. but i plan on being on here more like before... we'll see how that goes.


what've you been up to?


as far as the 620...

didn't know there had been previous discussion (read: catfight). i think it's neat but i wouldn't drive it. i love sectioned stuff. i think it's been almost lost because of it's difficulty but it can make a custom look that much better when done properly. i also think he would've been better off going with a mid or even rear engine setup. i've always had an idea of using a flipped vw 1600 drivetrain in a minitruck. but whatever.

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Welcome back!!!


There was a truck done years ago called "Abacab" that had a mid engine Pinto drive train. Maybe that would be a thought.


It will be interesting to see the additions (positive AND negative) on that thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It did get cut up, right???

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loved bagged and bodydropped trucks but i thought the unwritten rule was that the tires cant be above the fenders. other than that i think its pretty cool.


I approve this message:). The whole tire not above the fenders is the reason that I'm not running 20's on the back of my bagged and bodied 78 kc 620. The smallest tire I will run is a 255/35/20 and they are 27inches tall and since the bedrail is only 26inches tall I'm not running 20's.


By the way that truck is for sale......$8500



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yea but aren't rules meant to be broken, written or not? haha.


what about fenderless/bedless rods? then how tall a tire can they run?


it actually looks like he could run a lower profile tire and clear the fender. also it's my opinion that if it had a more traditional bag setup and a more traditionally accepted v8 coming out of the hood, this truck would be extra special awesome. and if you think of it in those terms... we look at hot/street rods all the time that have tires that wouldn't clear their fenders, without extreme modification, and engines that wouldn't clear their hoods, so they just take em off, instead of actually cutting them.


i'm gonna go get breakfast at mcdonalds.

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