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engines dont pop. or do they?


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i was working on the Bucket today, and i had it running for a leak check of the cooling system. no leaks i could see but i need a new thermostat housing. the one on the block, not the cap. and i heard this,





any ideas??? i didn't think engines were supposed to sound like thy are popping popcorn. i really dont want to have to scrap this motor as i want to put it into my 73 eventually.

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hmmm..... if ya revv it up what does it do? I had a small nut fall in my alternator once and it sounded similar.... maybe remove the belts and run it briefly to see if it goes away.... underhood noises can be deceiving.

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i'll check that. i know i have all 3 bolts for the alt on this one but one is loose. i even held the alt while it was running and the same sounds emitted. but i will look into that. thanks!



and yes. valve adjustment was done a month ago, adn while i was in there i checked the guides and nothing was out of the ordinary. this is one that just creeped up on me.

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