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Complete steering rebuild

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I am in the process of doing an overhaul of my steering components.


So far I have gotten a new (well not new but much better condition) steering box and I was either going to get a new stock idler arm or the derlin bushing kit for my existing idler.. which do you think is the better way to go? I have also ordered a steering box brace. and have a new steering drag link with new rod ends comming with my maddat sr20 fitting kit. I was going to replace all of the other tie rod ends / ball joints ... can someone list out all the ones I would need other than the ones comming with the drag link? I was also wondernig if they make a brace for the idler arm?


I figure if I get all this stuff sorted ill have about as nice a steering setup as I can get without going to rack n pinion.


New(er) Steering box - no slop

Box Brace

New Idler arm --- (Brace?)

New drag link - maddat

All new tie rod ends (list of them part numbers?)

Bump steer spacers (installed)


anything Im overlooking that should be replaced?

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Right side to left...


Right side tie rod

outer 48641 A0600

inner 48521 A0600


Idler arm assy

48530 21400


Cross rod


Steering box


Left side tie rod

inner 48640 A0600

outer 48520 A0600

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you should be able to get new tie rod ends and ball joints from a parts store. san jose area should have good shops. I would change all lower arm bushings with oem. idler with oem style or delrin. tension rod with stock style rubber or half stock rubber and delrin outer. steering box brace get from anyone or if you can wait I am making some more. bumpsteer spacers are nice to have also and of course get a alignment. it really depends on what you want out of the car and how much money you want to spend.

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So here is a pic of what I have so far... Minus the bump steer spacers I couldnt wait to install them and see what kind of difference they made so I slapped them in already






All new Tie rod ends

Good condition steering box

Idler arm

Steering box brace

and outer brace for both steering box and idler arm


Where can I get the lower arm bushings and tension rod bushings?

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The TC bushings if you are looking for oem go to Motorsport auto and order the ones for a Z. you can also get the delrin bushing as that is what I did and what a difference and it is not noisy like using urethane. if not you can get the delrin kit from carter boad at vg30.com. if you want to see it installed check out my myspace page under garagelife or my flickr site under smartmonkey

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Don't forget that steering U joint. I replaced all my steering components when i had a slop issued. None of them fixed it. Took everything apart again to find my u joint was the culprit. I just ordered mine today actually.



saw in that thread someone suggested you try to order it from nissanparts? did you call them up and ask about the availability? or where did you get it from ... seems that steering components arent all that expensive .. so while Im going through it im going to replace everything.

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