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Throttle Bodys

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Was wondering if anyone had any info on a VG30E 6 wire throttle switch running on a Z22E EFI assembly. Engine is 83/Z24

I realize the 200sx IM will have to be matched to the larger VG body.

Problem is......my 'stock' throtlle switch (wiring) has only 3 wires.

Would it still 'pickup' the idle and full throttle (35 degree) positions?....if those 3 extra connections are eliminated.

Or is the ECM confused.......like me.


Any input.....is much good.......:)



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The 200sx throttle body is a little small for the Z24. So I want to remove it and replace/upgrade with the VG. Supply the engine with a little more air. I could 'just' mount it to see if the VG will work......but I also have to change (buy/fab) an airpipe assembly to the airbox.

Would rather suck...(or not lol).... if after all that work....the VG throttle switch and or body needed those extra 3 wires to function properly.

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Can you mount the 200sx TPS on the VG throttle? The TPS on the 200sx is simple. You could make a switch. The TPS sends the control unit either idle or full throttle (45 degrees on throttle). Pop the cover on your 200sx TPS and have a look.

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Ya....I tried that the other day. The TPS dosen't want to come apart.....broke the top plastic tab off in my attempts. Looks like a sealed unit......riveted together at the bottom......? But as you stated.....it is only a switch. Should be able to get 1 of the switches to work. Anywho....the larger issue at hand now is how do i connect my IAS hose to the VG TB. I believe there is no connection.....do I have to install a AAC (Auxillary Air Control [aka idle air control device]) and FICD (Fast Idle Control Device) devices to the manifold.???? Or can I run the IAS hose to the back of the IM....have an extra plug/fitting. Not sure how close the AIS hose has to be to the TB.....gonna assume 'real' close, if at all possible? Don't think I need the FICD because I have no AC.???

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<a href=th_P4220003.jpg' alt='th_P4220003.jpg'>

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So I checked my TPS and it appears someone already drilled mine out.


Makes it a lot easier to do the multimeter test.






For connecting the IAS, the throttle is shut at idle, so at idle I doubt it matters where you put it. Off idle it may matter as it's in the flow of the throttle body.



What's this metal air pipe? Is that the one over the radiator? The rubber between that and the TB is cracked but the metal is good, I think:lol:

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Well...I got the VG30E TB on the Z24E

I used the VG TPS....stock wiring plugged right in.

Seems to run all right. But... I haven't taken it for a drive or done any readings on it yet.


It's parked for the winter....has a leaky injector.

Which I'll be looking for (x4).....reconditioned I guess.....?

Posted some of my ramblings and other pics in General Discussion:lol:

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