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did my rear brakes today

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not as hard as i thought.. i think i might of put one of the shoes in upside down on the passenger side.. but it seemed to only wanna fit that way.. but im not 100% sure i did or not since i couldnt get the fucking drum back off to check after i did the drivers side.. the little holes in the drum u put bolts in stripped an i cant get it back off.. how ever the brakes are working 110% better then they were..

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Hit it on the face, all around the center hub

Hit it on the circumference, all around

Hit it on the back edge of the drum (as if to knock it off).


But with old rusty, sitting trucks, you probably need to use HEAT on the center of the drum, all around where it fits the hub nub. Heat it with a torch till it 'pops'. It may get red hot first.

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so i went an bought 4 different types of bolts today, not 1 worked... so i got pissed off an beat it with my hammer.. it finally came off.. hehe, so ya just as i thought them fools kept steppin.. oh i mean i had it on wrong.. so i flipped it around an stuff slammed it all back together.. i assume its gonna work good (havent drove it yet) but ya.. i think my next step will be gettin the 280zx m/c

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