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valve cover & head

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have a 210 head, good condition. Not warped, has cam and lifters etc. can't guarantee condition but should be drop in and go. ---- $10


valve cover in good condition, just cleaned it off. Sanded some of it but stopped since im selling it. No cracks or anything --- $10

10 or best on each, stuff needs to go i cant store it in my truck any longer, need my floor back and i am trying to raise a little money for another project. will meet someone halfway but you gotta kick in some extra cash for my gas.


heres a pic of the valve cover, will take pics of the head if anyone wants.


i really want this stuff gone so if anyone needs it but is broke, ill give it to you!



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Someone's gotta want this stuff? I am willing to trade this stuff for other items. can meet up somewhere or something. I know the 210 head isnt worth a bunch but good for a backup.

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Don't expect too much for it as it's the basic stock L16 head with 'light' cam, small valves and ports. It's rumored to have been designed for the L13. (not sold here) It would however, work on any L motor as a quick replacement while repairs are being done. I once used one on my L20B while that head was out being milled. The local Nissan mechanic told me it couldn't be done when I went in for the gasket.... so I did it and drove down there to show him. Him and a couple of the other shop guys came out and checked it out. Maybe the gas was better back in '79 there was no pinging. The L20B was in my 521.

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