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620 Factory Stereo, Speakers, and Speaker Covers.

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Not sure if anyone may be interested, but I have the original stereo in awesome condition, along with the front speakers and speaker covers, the stereo works great, the speakers do too but they're about 15lbs a piece lol.

Maybe someone is looking to do a full restore?

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That's because my truck has all the original parts in awesome condition... And I don't want them!

I'm going for the "WHAT THE FUCK JUST PULLED UP BEHIND US?!" look..

I just found what I'm going to do my cieling upholstery with, mirrored acrylic, that's right baby, mirrors on the ceiling, pink champain on ice, we are all prisoners here, of our blah blah blah you get it

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hey phirus, if you ever come over this way to a meet, make sure you wear that storm trooper mask so we all recognize you.


Don't worry, I will. (it wont happen)

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ok here's thedeal. i do know how rare it is out that way. i've shipped many parts to the east coast but still never charged insane prices like that. just because its located on the east coast doesn't mean its worth more. your dash for exanple, a smart guy could get one out west and have it shipped to the east coast for less than $300, $200 cheaper than what your original price was. you say you sold it, good for you. my point is just because something is rare in one area doesn't mean its rare all over the states, world for that matter.


i've got that am radio up right now, i'm asking $60 for it, steep price, probly but how often do you see the radio, matching speaker AND warranty booklet/ owners manual included anywhere? not just where i'm at or where you are? besides its just an asking price. honostly i think your radio and speakers would have alot better chance fetching $50-$75 instead of trying to get top dollar.


You have no idea how rare the shit is out this way lol.
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Pfttt! Let him charge outrages prices. That were you Tdaaj come in a thread and say something like.


Well I got 5 Datsun radios at for 50 bux a pop. For example.


He doesn't sell his stuff and you sell all of yours. You win.


There is one at the yard as we speak!!! But really, who wants garbage?


That is were I make some money too. Some one tries to sell something outrageously priced. I just note that one person who is interested in a much lower affordable price. I get rid of my extra parts. And the buyer is happy.

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Who is giving you offers before you even post them for sale here?


I had two original AM radios at one time and threw one in the garbage... maybe both.


I just post my shit on different sites and at the local college listings.

I don't expect to get 100$ for it, everythings make an offer...

Why the fuck would someone pay me 100$ for a mono stereo? (oxymoronic, yes) unless they just want to restore a truck..

100$ will get you something with a cd player in it at wally world.

I'm just trying to clean out my shed, so quit posting dumb shit about "oh I sold this for blah blah blah" unless you want to make an offer for the goods..

People act a hell of a lot different compared to other regions...

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a guy tries to be nice to you and give some decent advice, and you just return it being a mouthy assed punk kid. you got nerve and you need to grow the hell up.


That's right bitch! nerves of JELLO!!

Bite me..

Cherry flavored btw.

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