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Slightly more involved. The distributor drive spindle determines distributor position. First set the motor to TDC with the rotor pointing to the #1 spark plug wire on the dizzy cap. Remove the distributor and look inside. The drive spindle will be oriented like this with the smaller half moon shape toward the rad in an 11:28 o'clock position:




To remove the spindle, first remove the four 12mm bolts that hold the oil pump, lower it and the drive will likely just fall out. Turn it 180 and install with oil pump and loosely install one bolt to hold it. Check the spindle, it should be just like the picture but with the smaller half moon now on the right, but still in the 11:28 o'clock position. It may take several tries, but get it right. When set, install and tighten oil pump bolts and dizzy. Rotor should now face 180 the other way, swap plugs around to reflect this. Set timing.


This is messy so be ready to catch the oil that spills from the pump. You can probably re-use the oil pump gasket if it isn't torn, or get a new 59 cent one. Make sure you are at TDC with the drive set at 11:28 o'clock before starting and this will work just fine.

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what is your intent?

you what the vacuum advance in a different spot?

Or you got another distributor and the rotor is pointing 180 off? Then just move the plug wires themselves 180 degs by moving 4 to the 1 position then go 1 3 4 2 counter clockwise fire order. No need to drop the oil pump and move the spidal as Mike says .


Unless I am misunderstanding what u want.


but all else fail set it up to TDC as shown above in the photo then install your dizzy. You can mount it in 2 ways. by the mount that bolt to the front cover. so the hold down tang is one side or the other. Or where you want the vacuum advance at.

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thanx for the info guys. All I want is to move the vacuum advance to the opposite side and I'm gonna be using the same distributor. I just don't like having the VA right in between the engine and the distributor, by the way what does TDC mean?

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