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Z24 dizzy


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anybody have one for sale?


i was ready to fire mine up and didnt have any spark (likely the MSD box)


when i pulled the rotor off i noticed 1 of the edges (on the 4 point part that the rotor sits and triggers the spark) was missing a small cresent shaped piece, probabaly from hitting something.


with it partially broken, will it still trigger properly???

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:confused: whats in there ???


ill get a pic over the weekend so you can ID it. :D


its larger than the 200sx e-dizzy.

it has everything internal, 4 wires. the magnetic p/u is angled inside


the broken star is the only reason id need to replace it.

gotta get the spark from the MSD working and it should run.

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it was already installed in the car when i bought it, its at least 15 YO, "running when parked" :rolleyes:


i have someone who will loan (then sell) a spare box if it turns out to be the prob.



what are you suggesting i replace it with?

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Factory EI dizzy... you can't beat them with a stick. Takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'.


Refresh my old memory, Brian... you got an LZ22 motor with an L timing cover?

Yes, take pictures, lots of them. See you Mon.

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with it partially broken, will it still trigger properly???

:eek: apparently it will!


its running now!


1 broken wire from the MSD box fixed and it fired on the second crank :D





this is on the LZ24 (not the LZ22) the dizzy has no markings on the outside of it.

it looks to be a 'stock' magnetic trigger inside...

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