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  1. I’m planning to beef-up my ‘78 620 kc front disc brakes.

    Does it matter if the donor front hubs are from a 4wd if mine is a 2wd?

    thank you

    1. datzenmike


      This is the '83 and up 720?



      The calipers are the same for 2 and 4wd, but rotors are way different and so are the lower control arms. It's unknown to me if the lower ball joint attachment point from knuckle to LCA are in the same place.


      Seems the 2wd tie rod end ball joint points upward into the steering knuckle. The 4wd ball joint is shown pointing downward.


      If they are free you could be the first to try it.

    2. Gery


      Thank you! No, not free.  So, I’ll find some 2wd hubs.  If I use 720 stuff, besides the rotors and calipers, anything else I need to swap?  How about with hard body stuff? Would I need to swap spindles too?  I suspect that using 720 transplants is more straightforward than hardbody items, right?  Is having the two ’s single set-up.

      I have a 620 new master in place.

      If you have written about this or know of a relevant sticky, just point me there.

      I’ve likely mischaracterized the issues about 720 vs. hardbody gear....if so, apologies.

      Thanks, as always

    3. Gery



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