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Datsun 521 parts needed!

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Hi all.

I am new to this forum. I usually post over at NWDE.org, bit somone suggested I try here for some results on finding these things.


Not going in to much detail, but I need some parts. Or a line on where I can get some parts anyways.


1970 521. I need a carrier bearing for my truck. I can't seem to find one anywhere. I can have one custom done but they are spendy.



I need a Passenger side Fender for a 521. I know rust free isn't likely, but I am a body/fender man so I can work with almost anything, I just need it to not be bowed/twisted


I need a Drivers Side fender eyebrow trim. I can supply a pic of what i need if anyone doesen't know what I am speaking of.


I need a pair of knobs from a factory datsun radio. I am not sure on year/interchange there.


I am in North idaho, approx 30 miles from the can. border. I travel often so I could meet up if someone was willing to have a north idaho datsun fanatic show up at their door.


If anyone has anything/knows where I can get parts please let me know






1970 521

1971 510 4 dr

1988 Nissan hardbody 4x4

1999 Dodge neon acr/t

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That would put me in Bonners Ferry actually........I live right at the bottom of the North Hill.


I can do some work to the fender that is NOT a big deal, like I said just one that isnt bowed/twisted..as long as it lines up with the hood o.k. i will take it. If you look in the picture you will see what has me upset...LOL i am picky


Today I did purchase new spicer u-joints. Upon further inspection, I find that the actual carrier bearing is OK on my driveline, it is just the rubber support that is becoming rotten. There is a chance I can match an aftermarket one up to the original one and make it work.


my e mail is billsuldovsky@yahoo.com if you would e mail me about picking up some of the parts or however we should proceed. Thanks


Bill Suldovsky 03-22-06_1318-1.jpg

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