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repro rear bumperetts

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Mklotz...Mike, You said on another board...


"That's funny the "mold" question came up again. I just got a pair of bumperettes myself....off a guys 521 trailer. Paid $50 for those and the 14" slotted mags that were on it. The chrome isn't great, but I brought up the mold idea to the couple of guys that have seen them. They agreed that these could easily be straightened and used for a mold"


Did you ever follow through on these? GREAT IDEA! Dave

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just happen to be scanning the forum.....haven't had time to view the incoming updates, let alone surf the forum. I figure is someone needs to get in touch, they'll pm me.....otherwise...there's a very good chance I won't see stuff like this :) 60hr work weeks don't allow much extra time. Things will be slower next week !! :)



I completely dropped the idea when new ones became available from Thailand. Custom made ones would cost more than those and I'd be doing it for everyone else.....I don't have a need for anymore. I dropped a chunk of change on making the manuals available for everyone and some guys are still to lazy to download them and use them. Sorry... somebody else can run with the idea if they want. Run it by Beebani....he's always up for making a buck.

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