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ok quick drive line question from a n00b

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ok so i've wiggled my drive line before an it never moved.. now it does.. the center bearing thingy where it splits doesnt seem to be doin much.. Problem?? Oh while im here so i dont have to post another topic.. can someone send me pics of they're gastanks mounted.. an maybe some unmounted.. i need to figure out how to get mine in an it looks like im missin something somewhere some how.. the bed doesnt seem like it has the holes to mount too.. anyways thanks..

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The front half should be held snugly by the rubber ring at the center bearing mount just ahead of the middle U joint. It will move if you use some muscle, but generally it's firmly in place.


Sorry, I have a flatbed with a 720 long bed tank under it.

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well the long part of the shaft.. from the axle to the thing where the rubber ring is.. that moves.. i didnt try to move the front shaft but it looks like it moves too.. didnt take any muscle... so should i fix it.. if so is it easy an cheap.. i've noticed no sounds or driving problems.. when i was under it lookin at the gas tank stuff is when i noticed it

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i grab it.. an it goes up down left right ect... not back an fourth ATALL


Sounds to me like you have a very worn out Carrier bearing.....anybody else agree?


Can I hijack this thread for 1 second...I NEED the removable Transmission mount for a 77 or later 620...the sheet metal piece that attaches to the frame and the rubber trans mount...The 5 speed I am putting in my '72 cant use the Straight early mount..needs the later one...anybody? I will pay for it even.....LOL..........Thanks...now back to our original programming...


Nevermind about the trans mount...found one at pick a part...thanx...

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Usually it's the rubber ring that rots and not the actual bearing. (just my experience) Visually inspect the rubber for tears or missing pieces. If it looks OK and the shaft is supported in the center of the bearing bracket (the U shaped strap with two bolts) I would say it's fine. If it flops around in there, that would be different! A bad one MIGHT thump or vibrate under accelleration.


I fixed mine by removing the bearing bracket and wrapping the bearing sleeve with a 1 1/2" strip of rubber conveyor belt( like a jelly role) held on with a large gear clamp. Then bolt it all down with the bearing bracket and two bolts and called it good. The conveyor belt was a bit stiffer than the stock stuff but it worked and I forgot about it for years.

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sounds like a plan then dave.. i gotta find time tho, i been so busy..


ok i checked out the drive shaft again and it seems that the rubber ring isnt holding it in place.. altho it looks ok it just doesnt hold its position.. i dont know if theres a glue to use or something or ..?!?!??.. looks like the only crack is the one it comes with to make it a C shape to slip over the shaft.. or it coulda been cut or ripped.. but over all it looks ok.. as for any sounds.. i dont get any really.. i think i've heard a clank once or twice in a blue moon but i dont think its cause of that.. i think if i could secure the rubber ring better or get a thicker one or something it'd solve the problem if it is a problem

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