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69 wagon parts

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So nismopu and I found a 69 wagon in a junkyard today. It has 70's front fenders, and had a 68 grille and full fin valve cover :D


it's fairly straight, but has surface rust. Anyone need anything? I'd be happy to pull and ship or sell, or you could go get it yourself....if I tell you where it is :D


anyone? anyone? Lots of good little bits and pieces. damn near complete, I was the first to get my hands on it! good instrument cluster.


Let me know, or ask any questions ASAP! I'll be going back tomorrow, but I'm not pulling anything I don't need, or I don't think I can easily sell.

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Jeff- So sorry I didn't call. Your phone number was one of several things I forgot when leaving the house this morning. I wanted to give the bolts a good soak, I sprayed them all down with PB blaster.


It looks like $15 each (maybe a little more for core charge) And I can tell you where they are if you want to go grab them.


Steve said that Klotz has a pair too already removed, maybe you can get those and avoid the hassle

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