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FS: im selling my wheels

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ive decided to sell my rota slipstreams with the t3 wheel adaptors. im also willing to TRADE.


the wheels are black, 15x7, 4x100 bolt pattern, +40 offset, has red rim tape on the lip but comes right off if you want it all black. they have yokohama ES100 tires on them, size is 195/55 R15.


the T3 adaptors are 4x114.3 to 4x100 bolt pattern, 25mm thick. will come with the lug nuts and everything.



$600. i would prefer local sale so you can just come pick it up.




heres a pic of them on my car.



ill send more pics upon request.

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location!? would help If you perfer local sale.


Hot wheels, too bad about the 4x100 though, they look like a uni-lug setup, what's the other pattern?


They do look sexy on a black 510 though. Why are you selling them?

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i live in seattle. im selling them with adaptors so they will fit on a 4x114.3 with no problem and im selling them so i can get money for parts like bodyparts to replace rusted ones.


BTW the wheels have no curb rash at all, their minty fresh and i have 3 other sets of wheels so im selling these to buy parts.

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wasnt your name billy?

i was the filipino dude at Rays BBQ

When i was rollin through the hood in my wagon last weekend , I saw your ride parked.

I grew up a few blocks away.

didnt you or someone who lived there have an STI?


I used to have a rally blue 2.5RS a few years back.


you intersted in selling just the t3 adaptors? how much?


what you lookin for in trades?? i got a buddy that might be interested.


good luck with the sale

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yea its me billy. is that you pat?? haha yea my brother owns the STI and yes im willing to sell the adaptors seperate since my wheels got stoeln and im waiting for some new ones from the insurance company. anyway i was thinking 150 for the adaptors with the lugnuts and key since i put less than 50 miles on them, only drove my 510 to rays 3 times on the adaptors. i got the adaptors with the lugnuts for 220. but yea im also up for trades since i need some things, let me know.


BTW you know anyone with a good L20b? my L16 is burning too much oil and has a few leaks.

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