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Other options for filling transmission fluid 620 5 speed manual

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I have an issue with my fill plug on my 620 5 speeed manual the plug is absolutely destroyed but I am in desperate need of doing a transmission fluid change. Does anyone have any other places where I can at least fill the transmission with fuild? Will the speed cable inlet work for refill? 


Thank you!

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Okay and do you know where the breather is located on the 5 speed? 


Yeah it was stuck and I had tried everything in the book from penetrating oil, blow torch, I bought a heat induction tool and even got the 58 sqaure socket and used my whole body on this thing and it will not come off. this past weekend I had put the socket on and it just destroyed to the actuall sqaure part on the filler plug so I am out of options at the moment lol I can drain all day long and i havent drained it yet I just cant fill 

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Breather is on top right of the tail just behind the adapter plate about half war back.


Heat the aluminum around the bung. Aluminum expands twice as much as steel and the hole gets larger.


Weld a large nut onto the bung. Steel threaded bolt into dissimilar aluminum... they always seize. When you get it out, the transmission drain and the differential drain and fill bung also fits. The drain bungs have a magnet on them.

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If you're going to try welding a nut onto the fill plug, put a really hot weld on it, and let it cool naturally before you try to break it free. Often times, the weld creates a weak spot and the put you welded on simply breaks right off. That is the method most likely to work. I use a nut with the largest hole possible, to get the most surface area of weld.


Eventually, you're going to want that fill plug out.

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