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Fuel Line Venting 510


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Hi All,

There is a venting system  block with 3 hose ports, located on the left strut in the compartment. one goes to the crank case, one to the air cleaner and one to the back fuel tank. I'm  not sure which hoses go where to the block (3 port block). From what I can tell it is for the expansion of the gas vapors. if the tank is warm it will push vapors forward in one of the lines, into the crank case (I think), when cold it will pull air back to the tank(from the air cleaner).  The ports on the blocks are different, some have a one way type of flow. I need help for what hose where.

I had to clean the lines to the tank as there was vapors in the vapor recovery lines turned to goop, clogging it.

I also discovered that on a hot day, car sitting for 20 minutes , it was putting pressure on the fuel line and flooding the carburetor! So I figure I got the hose connection wrong.

Most people would probably just vent there cap. 

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While the engine is off, any gas that evaporates in the tank producing a pressure of over 0.4 in Hg opens the flow guide valve and is piped into the engine and is stored there.


When the engine is started the PCV valve draws air out of the crankcase and into the intake to be burned with the fuel. Make up air to replace that which is drawn out by the PCV valve is supplied by the hose on the valve cover that is connected inside the air filter.


While driving, as the fuel level in the tank lowers, a light suction is formed opening a one way valve in the flow guide valve and air from the air filter is allowed back into the tank to replace it.

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