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1985 720 Turn signal arm


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Hello. I recently purchased a 1985 720 and the turn signals were intermittently working. i tried removing the arm to clean connections but i am afraid i may have broke something because i cant seem to put it back on without it not feeling right. does anybody have experience in removing these?

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Not really. There will be a ball with spring that follows little indents to hold the arm in the L N R positions. It may have fallen out. Might be easier to just replace it.


Best way to clean is to just liberally spray everything with electrical contact cleaner. The old lube collects dirt and gets thick with age. Often the headlights are a few seconds  turning on or maybe the high beans.

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@datzenmikei think the spring is still there if im thinking of the same thing. im struggling to find out where those small cylindrical metal things go near where the signal arm screws into the main assembly. i think that is why when i put everything back together i cant use high beam or pull back for high beam flash. i posted a picture as well

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I did a writeup on cleaning the turn signal combo switch. Part 1 is here: 

There is a part 2 also.

I struggled replacing the part that you had in your picture but it can be put back together after about 40 tries to line up the 2 barrel shaped things just right. In my writeup I said not take to that apart for that reason.


If you haven't, you should take it off of the steering column and work over a towel and/or inside a shoebox so if things go flying you won't lose them like I did.


The tilt steering column diameter is larger than non-tilt which is why they specify.


G.D. Humfries on the Nissan 720 owners Facebook page sells rebuilds if that's easier. I'm sure he's not thrilled that I did this writeup. It's really pretty easy if you don't lose parts.


Where are you in Oregon? I'm in Corvallis.


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