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  1. Is it safe to say that the 1.4" is side to side?
  2. I eyeballed it just now and 1/8" seems about right - maybe a little more. I'll check it at the steering wheel and compare to datzenmike's specs.
  3. I'm in Corvallis, OR. I thought if you were close I might come check out the steering boxes. I was able to adjust a lot of the play out of mine but it's still there but it's not as scary as it was.
  4. Where are you located?
  5. I've seen 2 ways of retightening the pinion nut: 1) Counting turns of the nut when loosening and then while tightening or 2) using an inch-pound torque wrench to set the preload. Counting turns seems easier to get right and I'm wondering what others' opinions are about which is the best method.
  6. Does it look like the boxes are the same for all years of 720?
  7. Looking for a rebuilt and/or used steering box for my 86 720 2WD Z24 w/o power steering and not having a lot of luck. From looking at RockAuto's site, I see that the same part number of steering box, specifically Maval #9808M, show up as fitting these Nissans: 720 - 86 (only) D21 - 86-88 and 90 (probably 89 too but Rock Auto doesn't show that part as a choice) Pathfinder - 89-92 I realize this isn't the most scientific way of looking this up but interchange searches that I can find on the net don't help. Does this seem like a good list of what vehicles I should be looking at to find a steering box that is correct?
  8. Follow up: I was able to adjust the steering box so the play is reduced significantly. Clockwise on the adjusting screw had more of an effect than CCW did. I was also able to adjust by sound because you could hear the gear lash as the steering wheel was moved slightly back and forth. Adjustment screw turned in until the lash sound was gone turned out to be the best adjustment. Since my steering has all been replaced there was no other slop in the other components.
  9. It's a manual box. Sounds like, not knowing different, when I tried to adjust the gear lash last time, I turned the adjusting screw clockwise. I'll try and adjust it the right way before I look for a replacement stering box.
  10. CCW is not intuitive and probably why what I did last time didn't have any effect.
  11. Here's what the FSM says. Not very helpful...
  12. I'd say I have 3 inches total at the wheel - 1-1/2" on each side Replaced idler arm Pre load wheel bearings (per your previous instructions) are correct Tire pressure is correct Replaced ball joints, center link and tie rod ends Can you tell me how to do the gear lash adjustment? I did it kind of half-heartedly not really knowing what I was doing. Should I check it with the wheels off the ground before doing any driving? How much play in the box itself is acceptable?
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