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  1. Road, engine, tranny noise is making me crazy in my new-to-me 86 720 and I want to add some sound deadener to the floor, doors and behind the bench seat. I am wondering if I were to add the noico 80 mil deadeing mat if I am supposed to put my rattan or whatever it is called that is under the carpet back over the top of the deadener mat or just take that out and throw it away. I also saw somewhere about putting a closed cell foam on the floor between the deadener stuff and the carpet. Anyone with any experience doing this install?
  2. Yes. Still available. It is 7 - 1/16" wide, 2" tall and 6-3/8" deep not counting the faceplate
  3. I'd be interested in it. If it doesn't work - no biggy. I'll just recycle it for you
  4. Looking for a working OEM radio for my 720. Needs to have connector on the radio end. AM/FM only nothing fancy. Or, If anyone knows of a radio that will go in the dash without hacking a larger hole, I'd maybe go that route but since I only listen to 1 FM station I don't want to put a whole lot of effort into this project.
  5. Hoped I had found an OEM AM/FM radio for my 1986 720 and eBay said the one on sale would fit but alas, it doesn't fit my dash and I don't want to hack the dash up if I can help it. Therefore, the radio in the attached photo which is a Hitachi KMS5721D is yours for the price of shipping it to you. Ebay seller described it as AM/FM Stereo fits 86-93 Pickup 9857371. I don't know a whole lot about Nissan/Datsun trucks so if this needs to be in a different section of this forum to reach the right owners, let me know and I'll move it. This isn't a photo of the actual radio since I couldn't figure out how to upload a photo to this site. The actual radio is about the same condition as the pictured one and maybe a little nicer. The eBay seller said it worked and I didn't test it.
  6. I've heard a few stories of people who had to hack their dash up and figure out how to avoid the heater components. If I could find an aftermarket radio that fit right in without a bunch of hacking, I'd swap the OEM one out.
  7. OK. Thanks. For the radio, did you have to build a new panel or were you able to use the hole where the 'package tray' is? I found a used OEM radio on ebay just now so hopefully it comes with whatever brackets were there and also hopefully that they'll cut the wires after any connectors that plug in so I can try and wire it up more easily. It dawned on me that I'll likely need an antenna so I'll add that to the list I guess.
  8. Couldn't pass up this truck with 63000 miles on it that a neighbor owned. 5-Speed with 2.4L engine. Clean body and interior and everything works but it is a strippo model with very few creature comforts. I have a couple of things going on I am hoping to get some advice about: 1) Steering - Squeaks a little when turning the wheel. Is there a lubrication point somewhere? - Steering is a little sloppy. I see that there is an adjustment locknut on the steering box. I've adjusted play in steering of other cars and I'm wondering if it is done with slight adjustment of the nut or if there is a different way of doing it on these? 2) Radio - No radio in this one and I would love to add one. Are OEM radios readily available or can anyone recommend an aftermarket radio that fits right in - or fits with minimal hacking on the dash? Is there anything different about radios in these vehicles that I should be aware of? There are speaker holes in the kickplates but I would be surprised if speakers were there. Anything I should know about speakers? What size/type will work without the aforementioned hacking. 3) Engine hose The only thing I see the engine needing is a hose between the air cleaner and a shroud that goes around the exhaust manifold. What is that for and do I need it? Thanks for any help.
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