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Does anyone have a recommendation on a decent sheet metal shop around the Greensboro NC area where I can start my dime project , it will need floor pans , engine bay metal  , trunk , rocker panels etc etc . I saw a YouTube video from a shop in Tennessee ( orator auto restoration ) but that’s about 5+ hours from me . I have the basic knowledge of welding perhaps I could try and do it myself . But I would prefer a pro . 

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Yes kfvintagejdm.com has the best smaller patch panels for the 510.  All of FutoFab's panels are repop of OEM full size panels........no smaller patch panels.


Biggest issue with welding on a Datsun, is that the sheetmetal is very thin, thus takes experience to get the heat vs weld penetration correct, without warpage.  The more warpage, the more hammer & dolly work afterwards and/or the use of more body filler.  We build & restore quite a few Z cars & we try to leave all of the body metal work to experienced metal guys!  Good luck with the project! 😎

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