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Anyone Used This Air Suspension Kit Before?


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Anyone ever used this kit before and have feedback on it? Seems like it’s got everything there someone would need to convert a 620 to bags, but I instinctively feel like something’s missing. 


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Well for anyone who cares. I called the company to ask them my beginner level questions, and they were super helpful on educating me about how my setup should look and on the different products that would be best. Was honestly surprised at how good the customer service was. Will definitely be keeping their information handy. 

For the 620, they recommended their Stage 3 620 kit, a universal three link kit, and a rear shock relocation kit. Said that’s basically all anyone with a stock 620 would need get a full air ride setup done properly.

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I think I was looking at their 4 link kits as well look pretty complete.  


I'm heading bagged way with a axle swaps as well..yep front and back.  Think I found a bag that has 10inches of travel but about 8 usable.   


But the gear here in Australia is not cheap.


If you go with that kit please let us know how you go.  

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I’ve also been looking at their kits. I honestly don’t see why they’re recommending the stage three though. The stage one seems sufficient for a beginner setup which is what I’m looking for. Having the analog gauges and individual switches isn’t ideal imo but it’s not a deal breaker as I’m sure that could be changed. I plan on asking them about that. I’m really itching for beebani to start making his suspension and link kits again to install when I do the bags 

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