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  1. Finally went through the glove box today. Had some interesting finds. There's lots more maintenance documentation in there that makes me 100% believe the odometer hasn't rolled over yet. Would be super cool to track down the original owner but I'm not having any luck online. Original sales sheet from dealer. Buyer traded in a 76 B210 Choke instructions The original typewriter prepared promissory note with the local bank in Arkansas who financed the truck is in there too. Everything is in perfect condition (for be
  2. Not many updates to give. Been working on the Harley recently. I did get tint put on all my windows and recharged the AC system. Just need to reseal the doors to keep all that cold air in now. 5% tint on sunvisor, 35% on door windows, and 20% on back and quarter glass.
  3. No, I didn't. May possibly do the Nashville summer meet now that it's been announced.
  4. So good Tank. Hopefully you're still around here in a couple years when I start peppering you with questions. You're building your 620 pretty much exactly how I want to (except you need more turbo 😁), but its clear you're WAY better at this than me.
  5. Toying around with the idea of driving the 620 up to Import Alliance at Beech Bend in March. Helping my buddy get his 280Z running again. If so, we'll both bring our Datsuns to IA.
  6. Reading through this would be a good place to start. https://ratsun.net/topic/77192-datsun-620-resources-wiring-and-manuals/
  7. Pictures of work. Engine bay after new battery, tie downs, and terminal clamps. new clear fuel filter. Nice looking gas! Oh, you noticed my AC expansion tank? Well, that's because I have the old school dealer installed Frigi-King under dash unit. Yes, it still works great and I converted it to R134a a while back.
  8. Truck update: Was getting ready to go get my emissions tested and get my title and tags done. But of course the battery was dead from the truck being in storage before I got it. So charged the battery and proceeded to burn up the starter. So took this as an opportunity to revamp the electrical a bit. So today I installed a new starter, new battery, new battery terminal clamps (and a negative quick release clamp), new battery tie down, new terminal covers, and new fuel filter. I like clear fuel filters rather than the opaque ones. Engine runs like it should now. Didn't tak
  9. Well I just built a house and am saving to build a 60'x40' workshop on my land right now. So if there's any money left over between wife, diapers for kiddos, and saving for workshop, it'll go towards the 620. Until the money gets freed up, I'll be knocking out the little stuff that just takes elbow grease.
  10. Guy who I sold it to/bought it back from is based out of Johnson City. He's a well to do dental specialist who just finished a full frame off resto-mod of another 620. Shout at me if you ever come through town and we can see each other's trucks.
  11. I'll let you buy the wheels from me then in 3-4 years (this ain't my first build, I'm more realistic now with my timeline) In my first S13, I did a forged piston, forged rod, stock crank, Z32 MAF sensor Nistune KA-T build. Current S13 build is a 5.7L LS1 with a nitrous fogger on it. This won't be my first rodeo but thanks for the input :). Will definitely be checking out all the builds that use Beebani's stuff. I'm just dangerous enough with a MIG to think I got it right, but still have something lined up wrong. Might have to send that job off to the speed shop to h
  12. I wish I could. I've got SO much money sunk into that, I will definitely take a loss on selling it. But I came to the realization that my kids will probably have more life memories if we had a boat rather than a 240, so I'm wanting to sell it to buy a boat.
  13. Greetings from Murfreesboro, TN everyone! Decided to buy back my '78 620 KC 5-speed disk brake that I sold a couple years ago. Knew I never should have sold it in the first place so I'm super happy I was able to buy it back (at a premium of course). I'm a LS swapped S13 guy who has found true love with 620's. The story on my truck is it was a service vehicle at a municipal airport somewhere in Arkansas for most of it's life before it was finally sold to one of the employees in the 2000's, then made its way to the Atlanta area where I originally bought it in 2018. Truck is curr
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