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Emergency brake adjusting


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Hello everyone.


So I recently got my 79 620 up and running after not driving it for two years. I did a head gasket replacement since it blew. Then I started working on the brakes and noticed brake fluid was missing each morning. Turned out that the master cylinder was bad. I changed it and started bleeding the brakes and noticed the booster was leaking fluid into the inside of the cab. Well, I took it off and it was full of brake fluid. Well then I sent it out through Rock auto about a month ago and got it completely rebuilt with seals and all. It's awesome that they can still rebuild them. Ok so I adjusted the rear drum brakes and I have a firm and great braking truck. The thing is in order to pass inspection, the E brake needs to work but it doesn't quite brake the truck. It works way better after adjusting the rear drums but still doesn't catch fully. 

My question is, is there any other way to adjust and if there is, from where?


Thanks, Erick

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The emergency brake is not at all like the hydraulic brake. It will slow and stop your truck but gradually. Before adjustments are made all friction points should be lubricated. There is an adjustment where the two rear wheel cables join the main one from the hand lever under the truck. The hand lever should pull out about 2-3 clicks when set properly. Have wheels off the ground and make sure when released they do not drag.


The best way to keep your emergency brakes working at all times of the year is to uses them every time you stop.

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Yes, so pretty much it won't hold the truck from rolling even on a very small slope. Ill look under the truck tomorrow and look for the adjustment. Is it adjustable with simple tools? im guessing a wrench? I looked at where the cables meet but I couldn't figure out exactly how or where to adjust them.


Thank you Datzenmike

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