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Turn signals and Wipers not working


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Hi All, 

I am currently finishing up my restoration and have come to a roadblock, I can not seem to get the wipers, horn, or turn signals working, The headlights work, as well as the hazards. Only one side brake light works, but when the hazards are on all the bulbs flash. I have replaced the hazard relays, they are both new. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Do you have a proper wiring schematic?  The schematics in the various "aftermarket" shop manuals is Haynes, CHilton's etc MAY not be correct, especially for the 1969 model year!


First, is your car an ACTUAL 1969 model year?  Sweeper speedo (not the round 1970-1973 style), vertical heater slide controls (not horizontal), small round rear sidemarkers & long "arrow" front sidemarkers?  If yes to all, then you have an actual 1969 (some 1968's were titled as 1969 & some 1970's were titled as 1969, so can be confusing).


You can order a hand drawn (thus correct!) color schematic from paolo@cedarcomm.com.  He offers a small one & a large one............I have both!  You might be able to find one online, but you MUST be sure it is for your 1969 model year............most of the ones I've seen online are for the 70-72 510, which are NOT correct for your 1969!

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